002.*EVENT* Singapore Toy, Game, Comics, Convention 2015!(STGCC)

It's here again!

So, I rushed to get the tickets to the event as fast as I could because I hadn't had much time(work was my reason, sorry I know, lame excuse right?). In fact I bought the ticket one day before the event.

For those overseas, Here's a little rundown of the event:

  • It is a two day event: This year it's on the 12-13 sept 2015.
  • This event is held yearly
  • STGCC has sponsors like XM studios, Magic The Gathering, Mighty Jaxx, Falcon's Hangar etc
  • In collaboration with NYCC
  • Houses talks by Industry heavyweights: C.B. Cebulski, Adi Granov, Camilla d'Ericco, Huck Gee, Jason Freeny, Adam Hughes(among many)
  • Besides shopping, you can attend talks, Get exclusive items, Take pictures, Cosplay, play some cards etc
Those are just some activities that you can do over there in a nutshell. I took a few photos to give you an idea of the atmosphere.(Refer Below)

If you ask me why I was there, well, I wanted to attend the talks. Here's what I attended:

  1. Toy creator: The tool kit
  2. Talking Comics
Call me anything you want, but the value of a convention is what talks there are, right?(yada, yada, yada, I'm boring you, no?). But hey, to each his own, they say. Through the talks I gained an insight as to how proffesionals churn out creative concepts, one after another and never get brain blocked. Respect yaw!

Take for example the "Toy creator: The Tool Kit". Jason Freeny's work is amazing. He brings us through how he started drawing all the way to how toy manufacturers(namely Mighty Jaxx) adopted his ideas for their toys. His trademark "anatomy" work started off with the fascination over a balloon dog. From there, he broke down how the bones and veins and muscles would form an inanimate object. Soon, we were awed by his other works like the anatomy of a gummi bear and lego-man, to name a few. Which begs the question; How does he do that? God knows. The whole audience was impressed that I spent a considerable amount of time chatting with the person beside me on how wonderful the ideas and toys are!

Another geek treat was in store for me later that afternoon as Adam Hughes, C.B Cebulski, Adi Granov and Jim Cheung shared with the audience their time doing comics. It raised a hell lot of questions. For those of you who'd think being a comic artist is easy, let me tell you: All four of them agreed that there's no free time for them! I remember a remark Adi made about how difficult it is when he has bills to pay, and he's rushing his pages for deadline, when his average time on one page is 2-3 days(and they get paid per page)!

Alright, alright, I shall not bore you with details. I took some photos of the shops, the showcases, the activities and the cosplayers there. Off course I did some shopping! Exclusives? maybe;)

Hot toys showcasing their First Order Stormtroopers! Not for sale yet though.

More Hot toys star wars figure. This is the third phase stormtroopers

The lady with buns. That was what the crew on Star wars #4 called her.

Did you know that his original name was supposed to be Luke Starkiller?

Here we have antman, and the "thing" beside him is the legit antman;D

I thought that hot toys actualy displayed their showcases really well, here is the epic fight in the last few
scenes of AOU.

Capt'n America in his AOU suit.

The much younger Han Solo and Chewie in the millennium falcon cockpit. Look at all the lights!

The hottest star at the moment, Can't wait for Kylo Ren!

Showcase from NECA, Gipsy danger, damaged.

Look at the hair. Thank you XM studios

Someone left their backpack at the XM studios booth.

I wonder what the warboys from mad max are gonna say about this...hmmm

Daredevil and his diorama

Some rare ghostbusters toy on sale

For anyone who loved this movie...

There's a drawing booth. Look at that, amazing!

Discounts! more discounts! and more bargains!

Found this. Darn wish I was some rich man's son!

Maul for SGD$30, anyone?

"After all I've done, and I'm ONLY valued at SGD$80?" -Mr Krueger

Bard getting his spotlight time

Han becoming slaves to kids. Where's Boba, guys?

I tried to overexpose the camera for this. Saruman, I'm doing you a favour, dude!

The toys, and the que, you have no options!

Artfx Kotobukiya. Boba fett Cloud City ver was snapped up almost within an hour. Only one left by the time I went
to the booth for a second viewing.

look at the details on that.

SDCC power rangers vinyl. Crystal

Meet Mr and Mrs Deadpool. I hope they take care of their kid.


I was looking for MMPR zords the whole day. But this is the only booth selling em. And the price wasn't
very welcoming:( not when you're still a student, only working part time)

1:1 Scale hulk and hulkbuster, jeesuss!



It's like a comic flea market!

Talented sculptors showcase their works.


So there you go! Here's to another year gone! Now, to look forward to next year!




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