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Warning: This article might contain spoilers, as we try to piece together what we can of the current information given to us about the movie.

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They say, a picture paints a thousand words. Films run at 24 pictures per seconds, that's 24000 words per second. Multiply that by 60 to get the amount of pictures in a minute. Further multiply that by the movie duration.How many words is that? Jeezusss! Let's not go there. No, today, I'm going to cut and dissect a trailer we've all been anticipating, and still are anticipating. Enter~

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
(insert light saber buzzing in the background)

Ok,I'm no expert critic here, I can only try to copy ebert and siskel, even then, that's not the point of this article. This IS the movie we've all been waiting for.  Disney has kept everything nicely underwraps. We're all inevitably entering mass hysteria. But, what does it all mean? Could any one, either in this universe, or the next, help us?

Here's the objective of this article; To shed light on what we can expect in the movie(without revealing the big spoilers).

The trailer is shown below, in case, you haven't had time to catch it yet.

As best as I can, Let's start with this trailer right here. I'll collect as much as I can from the trailers to form something tangible ok? The opener starts with the voice of Kylo ren.

"There has been an awakening...have you felt it?"

And we see, in the middle of the dessert, Flinn in his stormtrooper suit. Panting. You could hear radio comms in the background as Flinn looks to the distance(slightly off Camera), to his right side. He's about to make a run.

The second "scene" shows BB-8 rolling in the sand. It seems to be in a desert area as you could see the pods at the back, but also, the fence with more pods.

The third scene shows First Order stormtroopers getting their weapon ready for a conflict as the door of the ship opens for them.

We see Rey, now. Starting the engine of her race pod desperately looking back to check if she's in the clear...and she speeds off. Either she's heading to the small town up ahead, or go even further than that.


We see rebel fighter,Poe Dameron piloting his x-wings', in battle formation with a few other resistance fighters. They're flying close to the surface of the ocean.

Then, Kylo Ren appears(is he limping?) , stands in the middle of the snowy woods(is this hoth?) and readying his light saber."The dark side..."

"...and the light"

Screen fades into~ The millennium falcon doing a donut manuever and evading two TIE starfighters attacks.

Screen fades to black, into the Star wars Logo. "December 2015". Cut to black. Sound of lightsaber prep.

-End of Trailer-

What it probably means: From the clues taken from this trailer, we establish that after the events of ep VI, Return of the jedi, We have new characters, Flinn, who is in a stormtrooper suit, I could only guess, he's either been ambushed, or he was betrayed or he hits a certain sort of realization he's in danger. From the radio comms that's present in that scene, we can only conclude, he's on the run. From who, we do not know. What we do know, is that he's our main hero.

The next shot shows BB-8, the new lovable droid, running away, or hurrying away towards something. (it seems, all our heroes are running away from something don't it?). Take note, the backdrop seems familiar. It will be much clearer after we analyse the next trailer.
, hopefully.

Then we see FO stormtroopers getting their weapons ready for a battle. The door of the ship opens. What we didn't see here, is that Kylo Ren will appear coming out from this ship with the First Order Stormtroopers(Refer to SDCC showreel). He is part of the knights of Ren, who I think work closely with the first order.

Now, just as soon as that scene ends, we see Rey starting up her engine and drives off on her pod in the middle of the dessert. Note that the desert backdrop seems the same as the one BB-8 was in earlier.Why is she running away? again, all our heroes seem to be running away.

Here, we see Kylo readying his light saber, in the dark woods. "the dark side". So, why isn't Kylo a darth? He could be fighting as a neutral, I can't be sure. Abrams DID mention that Kylo is not a sith, didn't he?

The last scene shows, the millennium falcon in action, our beloved ship outmanuevering the TIE fighters. This I felt, was just added in, to get audiences hyped that one of the original star wars characters is going to be premiered in the movie.

Now, let's analyse trailer #2

Personally, I love this trailer.

Ok. First off, we are introduced to the sand dunes. There's a race pod making it's way from left of screen to right of screen. Doesn't that look familiar? I could've sworn that's the scavenger Rey's pod we saw from trailer #1. In the foreground, we see a crashed X-wing, and in the background, The imperial star destroyer. This could be wreckage that happened in the battle of endor from Ep VI.

Rey's pod races down the sandy road, where there lies wreckage of the
x-wing fighter and the imperial star destroyer.

We hear Luke's voice in the next scene. "The force is strong in my family..." Juxtapose on Darth vaders' crushed helmet, accentuated by his iconic breathing. "My father has it..."

The next shot shows Luke's robotic hand. "I have it". The place appears to be in the night of a desert filled with yellow rocks etc. Luke seems to be making a campfire, with r2 by his side.

Luke's hand.Right?

Next shot shows a maiden handing General Leia Organa a lightsaber."My sister has it".

A moment later. Black Screen. "You have that power too".

Then we see X-wing fighters in battle formation flying low across the ocean.

Poe Dameron in his cockpit

Kylo Ren striking a foe with his lightsaber

Rey, BB8 and Flinn running away from tie fighters shooting at them. Rey seems to be carrying a staff(is that darth plagueis' staff?)

TIE fighter to the left of screen

Kylo Ren using the force amidst a fire laden place, or could it be in the midst of a battle?. Look at all the stormtroopers behind.

Stormtrooper behind sems to be rallying up refugees or something

Stormtroopers assembling at what seems to be at hoth. Is this where the final battle is going to be?

From left to right: FO's TIE fighters,Is that snoke in the middle? Also we see a glimpse of the new ATAT(To the right of screen).

Tie fighters entering a ship and shooting at it's inhabitants(FO stormtrooper).

But here we see TIE fighters shooting at FO stormtrooper. Could it be Flinn, making his escape?

One of the stormtroopers takes off his mask to reveal...Flinn..It looks like he just had a revelation. Perhaps he was ambushed? Perhaps he brought down a tie fighter and flew out into space to avoid the first order being ambushed? which is why he ended up in a sand desert area.

What happened?

We see ships returning to the imperial star destroyer, next shot juxtapose captain phasma with a gun. what is she up to? is she the one behind the ambush?

BB8 peeping out from behind a wall. the interior looks like the millennium falcon.

Rey looking offscreen into...

Flinn..they both meet for the first time I guess. she offers him her hand up.He accepts

Next, tie fighter in a duel with millennium falcon. entering a ship's wreckage in the sandy desert. could it be the imperial destroyer? where's the neck?

Insert shot of the tie fighter shooting, but misses millennium falcon

The next shot shows Han and Chewie. Han saying "Chewie, we're home"

"Chewie, we're home..." -Han Solo

What it probably means: From this trailer, we know that Flinn has the power of the force, just like how luke, Leia and Vader has it. Again, we see the resistance fighting, but, is it against the First Order this time? The FO seems to be in war, against the Seperatist. What role does Rey and Flinn play a part of? Both of them seem like fugitives caught in the middle of a galactic battle. In the SDCC show reel, There is a tie fighter that crashed into the sandy dunes, Could it be the one that Flinn is piloting to get to safety from the ambush of the FO by the seperatists? If Kylo is not a bad guy Sith lord, then what is he? WE know that he works under Snoke, who has an affiliation with the dark side of the force though. Could anyone shed light on this?

Oh, by the way, Here's the SDCC showreel, Perhaps it could show more clues.

Here are some interesting pictures from the sdcc showreel which might help.

Ok here we see the TIE fighter crashing into the sand. Could this be the one Flin
was piloting to make his escape?

Kylo Ren emerging from the ship, he's working closely with the First Order

The first order vs the republic

So this means, we'll definitely see Admiral Ackbar? or is this a trap?

So Rey is piloting the millennium falcon with Han Solo...hmm. How are they linked?

Anyone has any clues? can this shed some light? Do leave comments below.




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