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2017 Movies that we eagerly await!

2016 went past us in a flash. During that time, we have seen alot of unexpected surprises. We have seen great personalities leave us(Rest In Peace), like Carrie Fisher, George Michaels, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, Chyna just to name a few. We have also seen the election tumult of Donald Trump's success among others that have shocked us.

We made a list of exciting new movies coming out in 2016 last year. We've seen great reviews showcasing the success for titles like Dr Strange, Warcraft, Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil War. What do you guys make of it? While we also have mixed reviews for movies like Batman Vs Superman(Personally, we like it though!)Even Bat-Affleck is conflicted:

What did you guys think of the 2016 movies list, now that it is out of the way? Awesome?

We just can't wait for this can we?ehem...

Well, for this 2017, We'd like to introduce a list of upcoming movies that will surely leave you salivating. Ready for 2017? I bet you are!

T2: Trainspotting

Choose Life.The film that was a cult hit in the 90s with it's hallucigenic, pop, youth lifestyle portrayal of heroin addicts.  It brilliantly captured the spirit of the 90s at the time amongst the youths and in 2017, with the said youths leading a different life(like your writer), T2: Trainspotting will no doubt be like comfort food for the soul. It is one of the most anticipated movies in January. But for those who think that it would be similar to the original movie, Ewan Mcgregor has this to say: "This is different because it’s 20 years on – it’s really different because we didn’t try to remake the film". In another interview, Mcgregor mentions how his iconic character Renton saying "it's not what others would expect Renton to be...he chose life". And so did we.(did we?) 


The Movie is slated to release on January 27 2017.

The Lego Batman Movie

Remember the time when The Lego Movie actually got us hooked on the soundtrack "Everything is awesome" after it's commercial success? We do! And judging from the trailer(s), this movie will just be as awesome if not more! It would be scary to think this might even be more successful than BvS or Suicide Squad so stay tuned! 

Slated to release on February 9th 2017.

John Wick: Chapter 2
This time, the movies' revenge plot wouldn't centre on the death of Wick's dog(but seriously, who would blame him?). Keanu returns to screen as John Wick, a retired hitman who will severely hand his enemies some ass-kicking. Everyone's psyched about this, including this interviewer here. Watch the interview below:


Slated to release on February 10 2017.

Set in the future of Marvels' Xmen universe, this movie chronicles the life of wolverine and how he meets up with a mutant girl who has the same abilities as him. It is also his last performance as the famed character, Wolverine. Fans will be eager to see how Marvel will be handing over the reigns of one of it's heavyweight characters after Hugh Jackman finishes with this. 

In more ways than one, watching this upcoming movie will be like a homage to the Wolverine that Bryan Singer and Hugh Jackman created eversince his introduction in the Xmen movie in 2000. Since then, Jackman was synonymous with Wolverine, just like how no one else can fit Ironman, unless it's Robert Downey Jr!That's 17 years of being wolverine! Farewell old friend!


Slated to release on March 2nd 2017.

Kong Skull Island
There is only one way to watch this movie: Imax. Fans of King Kong, monsters,Kaiju, Godzilla rejoice because this movie features an island full of huge prehistoric creatures...and an impending colossal fight between the King and the creatures underground called: Skull Crawlers. We know, we know. What's the difference between this movie and the Peter Jackson movie in 2005?

Well, for starters, this movie features a King Kong that is HUGE! We're talking about an ape that is as tall as the empire state building! The dude is just massive. His palm fits nicely into the side of a mountain!(just watch the trailer!) So get ready for an epic monster battle this coming March.

Slated to release on March 9th 2017.

Power Rangers

90s Kids will get a taste of their childhood with this movie as it introduces the origins of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers albeit in a modern setting. You can't help but think that this reboot is to pre-empt post 90s-kids with the craze that was the power rangers.

We remember the original movie that came out in 1995, of how the new megazord, power coins and most importantly, the power rangers suit drove us crazy. The first full fight scene in the construction site was uhh-mazing(do you guys remember?). 90s Kids will surely have alot to grumble about as this movie aims to be a different beast with a modern teenage touch to it, not to mention the costume. They look like a macguyver-symbiote-alien-mechanical costume. And, since we're on the topic, who will be the face of zordon? But all in all, who's not excited for this? To us, the most important power rangers, the closest to our hearts will forever be MMPR~

Slated to release on March 23 2017.

Ghost in the shell

Based on the Manga of the same name features Scarlett Johansson as The Major and her band of anti- cyber criminal unit, Section 9. Audience will be dropped in a cyberpunk setting. The Major and Section 9 must thwart a new threat aiming to manipulate an artifical intelligence programming. For fans who are not familiar with the Manga, can expect Matrix-like concept in the movie. The Wachowvski brothers'(directors of Matrix) even cited Ghost in the shell as one of their influences in Matrix.

...So now you know one of the originators where cyber information, dystopian, hacker, alternate universe essence came from. Also, a japanese heavyweight director/actor from Japan, Takeshi Kitano(battle Royale, Zatoichi) will also be featured in this movie....and we've got to add that the trailer ost sounds so good, do check it out and the original music from depeche mode. So stay tuned for this movie.

Slated to release on March 31 2017.

The Fate Of the Furious

This movie needs no introduction as we follow Dom get racked up with new people in new situations. Need we say mo'?

Slated to release on April 12 2017.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Set two months after the end of the first movie, the cast returns to the screen, this time with a renewed sense of leadership in Chris Pratt's character; Star Lord. Not much is known as to the plot, but audiences are sure to discover Star Lord's relationship with his father. The success of the original will not bother audiences who are left wanting for more after the 2014 movie.

The movie will be released on April 26 2017.

Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scott will direct this latest movie in a long line of the Aliens franchise, which Ridley has created in the first place. Ridley Scott's Aliens: Covenant will centre around a space crew's adventure into the planet which Prometheus has left off and boy, are we excited! The movie does feature a strange ensemble including James Franco & Danny mcbride while retaining Michael Fassbender from the latest Ridley Scott movie: Prometheus. 

Slated to release on May 19 2017.

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men tell no tales

According to the D23 announcement, the latest instalment of the franchise will see Jack Sparrow et al trying to get their hands on an item that can "unlock an eternal curse".That rumored item is believed to be poseidon's trident.  What's got us psyched is the return of Orlando Bloom's character, Will Turner in this series.  It also features Captain Salazar who has some sort of connection with death, or is death himself. Well, too many questions which we can't wait to find out!
Slated to release on May 26 2017.

Wonder woman

This is to be Diana Prince ( Gal Gadot's) first solo movie. The movie follows Diana, princess of the Amazon, a fearless, strong warrior from a warrior clan who decides to leave the comfort of her secluded island to come to the aid of man after a pilot crashed into her island to reveal that there is a war raging in the outside world.

Stars Chris Pine and Gal Gadot. 

Slated to release on June 2nd 2017.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Slated to release on June 22 2017.

Spiderman Homecoming

Slated to release on July 7th 2017.

War for the planet of the apes

Slated to release on July 14 2017.


Slated to release on July 21 2017.

Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

Slated to release on September 29 2017.

Saw Legacy

Slated to release on October 20 2017.

Thor Ragnarok

Slated to release on October 25 2017.

Justice League

Slated to release on November 16 2017.

Star Wars Episode VIII

Slated to release on December 15 2017.

With all these great movies coming out this year, prepare your popcorn and rejoice! It's gonna be exciting! 

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Auction ends on 15th January 2017!
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20. Happy Chinese New Year!( Lunar new year 2016! Year of the monkey!)

Hi All,

Just wanted to wish y'all a Happy Chinese new year in advance with this video that I took part in making. Was sure a blast to make. Been busy lately with work. Here it is!

A whacky video with a whacky character and hot babes and cool hunks! Drop us comments on here or the youtube link. Happy festive greetings yo!
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019. Juicy Top 10 Movies of 2016!

Juicy Top 10 Movies we are anticipating in 2016!

Image taken from forbes. Assasin's Creed!


Written on Jan 03 2016

And so a new year has already begun! Yes, we are reeling from the phenomenon of december known as StarWars:The Force Awakens! We have awoken, and asmuch as we love StarWars, we can't wait for feb 2016 to come around fast so that we can get our next dose of our favorite icons!

So...Here's the list

01. Deadpool(Feb 2nd 2016)

This movie is slated to break StarWars' grip on the box office this upcoming february, and with the hype surrounding the movie, it is no wonder people are claiming that. This "Merc with a mouth" needs no introduction to superhero fans, especially Marvel's. We shall not get into the details of this hero's history though, but we'll tell you his superpower though. Deadpool...just...can't...die. If that's not enough of a factor for you to catch this movie, well, you have another thing coming. He's not called "The merc with a mouth" for nothing. Expect explosions, actions and lots of witty, humorous dialogue.

02. Allegiant(March 18th 2016)

For guys, it's Shailene Woodley!(OMG), For ladies, it's Theo James. This is the third instalment of this hugely popular movie franchise inspired by the books(Divergent series). In a post-apocalyptic world where humans are segregated according to their classes, this series chronicles the lives of our favorite divergent heroes. Divergents are humans with the abilities to transcend all classes and are seen as threats to the established order of the world. Expect action, lots of it...and off course, Shailene Woodley(if that's not enough for most of you).

03. Batman Vs Superman(March 25th 2016)

Holy Cow! Us being huge DC fans, this movie is the most aniticipated of the year! Marvel fans have already had their "Avengers", this movie is our equivalent(if not better..hehe). There are a few battles in the DC universe(comics) that has already had a profound effect on our childhood, FlashvSuperman, AquamanvWonderwoman, BatmanvSuperman just to name a few. Thank goodness,they've decided to do this. And the fans cant wait. We've even written a few articles on this movie(do check it out)! These two heroes need no introduction and we can't wait for what's gonna happen. The dark knight versus The man of steel. Who's going to win? And will we see the dawn of the justice league? Only time will tell...

04. Captain America:Civil War(May 6th 2016)

This has got to be the second most anticipated of the year!(after batmanvsuperman). If you read the comics, which we're sure Marvel fans have, then it's pretty much the same how the story is going to flow. But, our imagination from reading the comics can only bring us so far(right?). We like both characters, so it's interesting how the antagonists(ehem..you should know who) evolve in this story. More than that, we just like to see superhero clashes...oh, and don't forget...The Black Panther!

05. X-men Apocalypse(May 27th 2016)

Introducing the first ever mutant born on earth(not to mention the most powerful) as the antagonist of the X-men and humankind in this movie. Does that send chills down your spine? This is one of the most feared villains in the comic world, and as such, this movie is a must watch for anyone,not to mention X-men fans.

06. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows(June 3rd 2016)

People might give us stick for this movie, but just look at the trailer! The highlight is that we will get to see Bebop and Rocksteady! Yes, yes, we know...it's a michael Bay movie, but still...If it's any consolation, Megan Fox is still hot as ever.

07. Warcraft(June 10th 2016)

Finally! Words cannot express how long we have been waiting for Blizzard's hugely successful video game to be turned into a movie. Remember the nights we spent on windows DOS, just to build enough army to clear a stage? Remember those days when we would go to work sleepy from all the raids we did the night before? This is a long time coming, and it's soon going to be here. We heard that it's going to be a trilogy, so this movie chronicles the opening of the dark portal onto which, orcs first discovered Azeroth. All the characters we know and love will be in this movie like Lothar, Durotan, Orgrim Doomhammer, Thrall, Gul'dan, Medivh...the question is...will you be there?

08. Suicide Squad(August 5th 2016)

By August this year, we would have been handful of "Anti-Superhero movies" like Deadpool and to a certain extent BVS & Captain America: Civil War. Here's the latest one to hit our screens, if you're reading this in august! Suicide Squad. You will see the likes of Joker, Harley Quinn, Enchantress and deadshot in a different light than what we're used to. It turns out DCU's underbelly has scums that are so bad, they can redeem themselves. With this, DC is finally signalling to world their arrival, after Marvel's domination for the past few years.

09. Doctor Strange (Nov 4th 2016)

Not much is known about Dr strange at the moment, but what we do know, is enough to blow us out of the water. Benedict Cumberbatch is the actor behind the surgeon we all know and love. And, get this, the person acting opposite him is Mads Mikkelsen(known for his work on Hannibal)! It seems the Marvel executives are moving alot of heroes along this year eh? Expect a busy end of the year!

10. Assassin's Creed(Dec 21st 2016)

The trailer is not out yet, but we do see images of the setprops and promo picture etc. Well 20th century Fox is surely taking their time on this. We can't wait for it. We think the movie introduces a new character and that's a good move! And you can't fault Michael Fassbender who is a great actor. 2015 and 2016 is surely a busy year for him as he stars in this movie, along with X-men Apocalypse and the upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic. Can't wait...

In conclusion...

It's been a great 2015, but here's to plenty more in 2016! Can't wait for it. Oh and also, some of you might want to add a few movies not in this list. We had a hard time to pick the movies, trust us. We've left out "Rogue One: A StarWars Story", "Ghostbusters 3", "Gambit", "Independence Day:Resurgence", "Angry Birds" and a few others that didn't quite make as much buzz as these movies listed. If you felt we left out some more, do state the movie title as well as the date in the  comment box below, so that we can all keep a lookout for it! Happy 2016!

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018. Have a Merry Christmas by Kitbashing your toy!

Merry Christmas Comrades!

Amidst the family gatherings and roasted meats, and all the socializing, lets not forget when the nephews and nieces come to visit, there's always a surprise to be had. Most families would be busy decorating their houses and such, and to add to the scenery, I've always added a touch of figurines. Just a little shift of the glass shelf where you keep the toys and figures and comics are sure to leave the kids engulf into the Christmas mood.

Usually, the most time consuming part of leaving your toy collection for the kids to gawk at, is the diorama part. Most times you can get away with draping cloth with unique textures or print out a picture of a scene in a movie and stick it in the background. 

It's amazing what lighting effects and drapery can do instead of putting alot of
effort into making or buying a diorama.

As long as it looks complicated and bada$$, there's no reason why the nephews and nieces
won't adore coming to your place every Xmas!
Or you could make a conventional one like the one below. The sky is the limit when your lifestyle is surrounded with toys and figures, agree?;D

Today though, I'd like to share a kitbash recipe that I've been working on. It's for my nephews and nieces to gawk at this Christmas when they come over. And it's base on a superhero that has been my favorite since the 90s! The Flash!

My fascination with The Flash started when John Wesley Shipps first appeared as the flash in a tv commercial for the television series in the 90s.

Since then, I have devoured Flash comics and Flash content in every known media. Oh boy! those were the good years.

The days when superheroes weren't skinny lads in costume. No offence Gustin!
Hero crossovers like these spurred my imagination and my love for
the scarlet speedster grew.
Back then, the SupermanvFlash races spurred my imagination and my love for the scarlet speedster grew as he won the races(oops..spoiler).

Then again, after a long hiatus, CW gave the flash franchise a burst of new life.

In case you're wondering, I did a retouch of the Flash emblem to keep him in-line
with CW's TheFlash Season 2.
But, and that's a big but...so far, I havent seen a really awesome 12" figure of my favorite superhero...yet. I'm sure Flash fans will agree with me on this when I say: we need the flash in a highly detailed 1/6th scale figure!

Sideshow has made a prototype which is awaiting licensing rights to the figure, but heck, I can't wait any longer and it's Christmas, my nephews and nieces need to see something. Therefore, It's up to me to kitbash the Flash!

Photocredits: toynewsnetwork.blogspot.com(a great blog that has went on a hiatus)

The Concept

Behind every great toy is a concept, especially if you're talking about hero costumes. The flash I would be kitbashing would be a real-world Flash, so his gear would have to be something inspired by modern day science and military technology. I know, some of you might say that it's okay if it's a teeny bit outlandish because with Star Labs, anything is possible, but I'm trying to re-imagine a Flash that is more true-er to our time. Here's what I used:

The Head

First Ingredient: Captain America's Avenger head
Finding the head for TheFlash was an important task for me. As with the other Captain America heads, the "A" alphabet on his forehead is grooving outwards and that would be a problem for me as I'd have to carve the head. I'm no professional sculpt artist, so if there's a situation to avoid it, why not? I'd rather add to a headsculpt than subtract to it.

What I did was to add putty on certain areas to make the head smooth.
The next step was to paint the head with a shade of red and add "ears"

Here's the final headsculpt.

The Body

As you can see from the picture above, there's a shirt that he's wearing. What I did was die the arms red. I didn't want a suit, like a water-tight suit because I thought that it'd take away the element of him being more of a altruistic guy in a soldier-like attire. The flash that I have re-imagined here is older and has more experience, he's been taught more fighting skills by his friend, Bruce Wayne then when Barry first started fighting crime, so his attire is adjusted as such.

Some of you might say that his attire now, cannot fit into his ring. In my defense, I'd say that there's no such technology that can keep a great high performance suit inside a tiny ring. And if Flash is the fastest man alive, finding his stowaway suits throughout the city and changing into them wouldn't even take a second~!

I've chosen Naked Snake's body vest to be TheFlash's body armor. 

Flash's body is covered with a utility vest that has an in-built defibrillator
and a temperature compensating mechanism for when he becomes super hot.
It also acts as a protective shield against any stray projectile, much like a kevlar.
As you can see from the description, The body vest serves multipurposes in the Flash's fight against crime.

The Arms and hands

As for the arms, Flash would need some sort of lightweight protection, something in the form of kevlar or carbon-fibre so that his arms can articulate quite freely in the case where he needs to rotate his arms to create a whirlwind. Which also means, he can't wear pauldrons.

Snake Eyes bicep guard is something which I need for Flasher
It would look really really cool if I could add Snake Eyes's pauldrons along with his bicep guard for the flash, but it'd be a hindrance if Flash needs to create a whirlwind to get out of sticky situations.

The wristbrace and hands are very important to me.

I feel that the gloves of TheFlash would need to be friction resistant and would need to have excellent gripping power and hard callouses on them just in-case Barry needs to execute his "supersonic punch". With that being so, I have chosen to go with TDK's gloves.

Look at those callouses on those gloves! <3
As for the wristbrace, after awhile of brainstorming and thinking, I came up with....nothing. There's no wristbrace from Hot Toys, Sideshow, ThreeZero etc. No wristbrace that fits with Flash's personality and utility that the Scarlet Speedster needs.

I imagined the wristbrace to provide lightweight protection, structural support(so his bones dont break easily when he does the "supersonic punch", much like how boxers have it) and I imagine the wristbraces to be equipped with ballbearings that slide up and down his wristbrace to create a sort of "pendulum" effect, so he generates more weight going forward when he swings his arms through running. This is valuable as it adds extra weight to his supersonic punch.

As you can see, there are also no straps on his wristbrace. It is strapped by
3magnetic straps. No fuss of untying


The Flash would want his pants to be streamlined, but not too much until it traps heat, it must also allow the heat his body is generating to leave the suit. As for this, I am spoilt for choice here. I didn't want it to be a suit, although I think Superman's suit would have looked nice. 

But for this, I'd have to go with Thor's pants(the first movie) as it's simple and its cool and doesn't shout out too much of Thor's character.

Thor's pants here is just about nice, it looks cool but it also doesn't
scream out it's master's name. btw, Thors' helmet does look like it
can belong to hawkman right? just saying...

Kneepads and Boots

For no reason whatsoever, CW and CBS has churned out Flash's that have no intention of wearing the iconic yellow boots. Just sad. 

CBS has no excuse to leave out the boots...
For me, Flashs' boots need to be in it's iconic color but at the same time, updating the color palette to modern time by replacing yellow, with gold. And that's how my Scarlet speedster will look like, will be in red and gold.

I imagine Flash's boots to be friction resistant, no straps like how the wristbraces are and lightweight. During the initial stages of coming up with the boots for Flash, I was considering Falcons' or Hawkeye's boots but I soon find out that, having military boots would be too heavy and having straps and laces wouldnt help in running and easy-wearing.

Falcon's boots have smashingly good looks, but it is too heavy though

Hawkeye's boots are the closest to my idea of The Flash

So I was shopping on ebay for Hawkeye's boots until I saw the perfect boots for TheFlash. Thank goodness I delayed my purchase.

Look at the boots, no straps, easy-slip-on, lightweight and it looks futuristic
without looking ridiculously out-of-this-world.

The moment I laid my eyes on Flynn's boots, I knew that was the one and there was nothing else that comes close.

As for the kneepads, I thought Flasher would be glad to know that should he trip during his lung bursting run, his kneepads can always break his fall and prevent his knees from shredding off when he skids on asphalt. Haha, yeah, that was pretty graphic aint it?

Looks good once it's assembled don't it?

The Finishing Touches

Once it's all assembled, all that's left to do is to put on the Flash emblem and color the whole "suit". I had two shades of red when I painted the Flash; Metallic red and a maroon sort of red, for the "ears", boots and emblem, I painted them gold, instead of yellow. There's also no white in the emblem as I thought that would be like announcing to any bad guys to "Shoot here" directly into his chest.

The emblem is made of clay, just like the ears. You can also make them with putty.

...And...Voila! here are the final pictures! The Flash doesnt have the "lightning streak" on his hips though as I thought that would be excessive, and adding a gold belt would make him look like batman, so I just left it how it is. I hope you like it! If there are any comments, do leave 'em below.

Liking the "weathering" effects on the suit and emblem?

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017. Starwars Battlefront: 5 things you need to know before you buy

Hi guys,

StarWars Premiere early this week in LA. TCL Chinese Theatre
where the first trilogy was launched. Photo:Businessinsider.com

We all can agree that it is going to be a very busy Star Wars week this week, yes? The opening of the star wars franchise is finally here! Earlier this week, some of us has had the first sneak peek into the long awaited movie of the year. The re-beginning of the franchise that has gotten us into a frenzy. Websites issuing the pre-tickets have crashed and families have cried while watching the trailer. It is finally here, people...

The frenzy is so great, you can see many companies capitalising on the franchise. Disney is smiling all the way to the already fat bank account they have.

We await StarWars Battlefront, and it is here! but wait...There's something severely lacking

But we're here to talk about the video game that has been launched to capitalise on this wave: Star Wars Battlefront by EA. Why do we say EA? well, cause we had all the warning signs imaginable when we hear that EA is taking the reigns to this anticipated game(supposedly, of the year). To add to it, I don't think DICE really had too much say in this game. It's the same vicious cycle everytime, game developers get bullied by game publishers, and quality gets compromised.(to that end, kudos to Fallout4)

The Origin platform has never been a great success, but I guess it's a
stepping stone.

The Bare Naked truth

To be honest, there's much less to this game then what it is made out to be. When you're dealing with Star Wars, the potential is so great, that there's a standard you must live up to. EA fails miserably. Not only that, EA has displayed all the signs that show us gamers that they think we're sheeps.

That's to put it lightly. Here's five things that broke battlefront, even before the movie comes out.

01. As of 16th Dec 2015, Origin lowered the price of the game under the pretense that it's a limited time offer.

One month into the game and origin is offering a discounted price
for SW:Battlefront?

Should we forget that the game was released only exactly one month ago, on Nov 17?(18 or 19 on some areas).

Gamers who have bought the game early on found, to their dismay that to get the full experience that the game has to offer, they need to buy the battlefront season pass. Off course, one can just skip season pass, but the current game lacks depth in so many ways(we'll get to that later).So now you pay double for the price of one game.

So, season pass unlocks what we all want, but at what cost? It doesn't even
improve the game past decent...

Imagine the rage, Star Wars fans feel after this early discount?

02. The game lacks serious depth

Players get to immerse themselves in tutorials, singleplayer and multiplayer modes. As you pass through the tutorials, youd find so much potential in flying an X-wing, tie fighter, racers and AT-STs. That;s all good, no problem there, but then you get to the singleplayer mode and you find a big flaw.

Singleplayer modes reveal the barebones content that populate the
wealthy potential of the game.

So players get to choose a limited number of maps they want to play on.
Singleplayer looses out on game longevity.

Tutorial mode: Speeders

Tutorial mode: X-wing

AT-ST in the tutorial mode is awesome.

Singleplayer mode doesn't have a storyline. It's very mission oriented, in the form of battlefield. Off course you get to play as one of the main characters. On the imperial side you have Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett, on the rebel side; Luke, Han Solo and Leia Organa. For the first ten minutes playing the game, you get so hyped up playing the characters, but the enthusiasm dies down so fast as you realise, there's nothing else to offer.

The Empire faction hero characters you get to choose to play in every map.

The Rebel faction hero characters that you get to choose to play in every map.

We were expecting the game to explore some StarWars lore going into it. Personally, we'd like a story that makes us travel through all the planets playing as a character and completing missions that are not points-based.

All you get is the cutscene that is meaningless...no story, no plot, nothing.

All we get is a location with our mission to get most points, get collectibles, restore health etc.All the potentials of the franchise gone to waste.

03. The game's core is weak

So, okay then, the singleplayer is a let down. Fine. Let's go to multiplayer and you find abit more depth, but not enough, if at all.

A wider range of game modes are available in multiplayer mode, thank goodness.

In multiplayer, you get a lot of the fps multiplayer modes like "capture the flag", "get the most kills" etc, but is it enough?

To add to that, some of the maps are so unpopulated that you'd spend more than half hour just to que. It's a disgrace.

This will take up most of your online play as the servers are so unpopulated.
At least Jakku DLC wasn't that bad, but still only on certain maps.

In multiplayer you accumulate xp and points so that you can unlock items like guns, grenades etc, but you only have 3 slots at loadout. Also, character customization is limited to customizing haircuts, facial hair on a preset UNKNOWN character. Wuttt?

Also, the gameplay in multiplayer allows you to take control of speeders, AT-STs and wing fighters and hero characters, but the hero characters are too overpowered that you just can't help but just die. Don't get us started on Bobafett.

Boba is just amazing. His jet pack makes him super overpowered. You could
leave opponents in the dust with this guy, and therein also lies the problem.

04. Play the Jakku DLC

Although the DLC looks nice. It just lacks any meaningful gameplay. Of course we are not asking for a storyline that might spoil the movie, but there is no story at all.

You gotta admit that it does look awesome. This is a map in jakku that gets the people.
Most other maps are still very much quiet.
The character of the maps, not just in Jakku, but every other map, lacks a character that is at least close to battlefield. It's just pretty much "duck-and-shoot" with most of the debris here. There are spots that offer you little more advantage, but that's it. It's just bland.

Sure, some of you might ask, what then could be a good suggestion.

and hoth is not much different from the other landscapes offered
in this game when you strip of the beautiful graphics.

I mean, c'mon we'd like to use spears and boulders every once in awhile, either
for fun or for strategy...

Like, what we mean is, like for example, they could add ewoks in endor as neutral parties, or taun tauns that we can utilize on hoth, you know? Or we could have maps that players could interact with the environment to give them the winning advantage. We think Star Wars deserve better than that.

05. This point is a culmination of all the points that makes this game bad

It comes to a point where you wonder if EA even think fans are humans. We love starwars, but we cant get immersed in a world where there is a lack of a storyline to feed our thirst for the force, nor can we get immersed in a world where skills count for nothing. The fight mechanics are just too 'guided', we don't have any form of 'planning phase' of the game to strategise AT ALL. Players just get onto the field and "try their best". The light saber duels are so "hack and slash" and doesn't provide variety. There is just no variety.

It seems almost like EA just created a game and thought fans might be content with the thought of the beautifully reproduced StarWars landscape that we know and love. We need more than that EA!

If EA creates more series in this franchise like what it does to their other titles, overprice it and underwhelms the game, then maybe it's best to stop supporting this title. They have gotten money from this title, but they are not going to get anymore.

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