007. Gearing up for The Flash Season 2

Hi all,

The Flash. Need I say more. I grew up on this fella, way back then since John Wesley Shipp became the scarlet speedster.

I prefer this costume though, oh well...
Anyways, move over Mr Shipps, and welcome Grant Gustin!. I think he did a great job, considering, I wasn't too enthusiastic when it was first announced that the Flash would have a new modern season back then. And, the costume for the new Flash, well, I wasn't too enthusiastic.

This is the first Flash new season 1 picture, that I saw from the promo...mehhh
Well, well well, after watching the show, well, I'm hooked.

After all, Heath ledger blew me away as the Joker(and I was one of those sceptics, when he was announced as Joker, back then, not too long ago).

I really like the modern take, this new flash has taken on. No more coincidental lightning bolt on "that fateful night", whereby the original Flash series took it's direction. No. This new Flash had reasons behind everything. The one I really like is how the lightning bolts on both his ears are actually sound mufflers to protect Barry's eardrums from potential sonic booms when he's going at high speed.(Well done I say)

There are certain things which threw me off initially. Like how Iris, is well, an African American(She's hot though, Candice Patton)...not what I lived with, from the comic version. But they added a more humanistic touch to Iris this time, by showing her selfish side. (Yes, I do find her annoying at times.)

Also, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen...I don't think they're best buds. Based on the comics, they barely talk to each other, only when they need to. The Barry I knew from the comics, was friends with Hal Jordan, and spent time having intelligent conversations with Bruce Wayne. Oh well, I guess I'm asking for too much.

Warning: This ain't like the comic books. But still..

The thing that blew me away was how, this modern series paid tribute to the original ones, by inviting John Wesley Shipps on the show, as Barry's Father.(You can imagine my reaction at first!).

Did I meantioned, Tina, from the original Star Labs making a cameo?

Also, I thought the Reverse Flash was pretty haunting, like how I felt when I read about 'im in the comics. So...Kudos.

Anyways, Back to season 2. There's a few treats, waiting for us, Like Jay Garrick, more meetings with the Arrow and his team and more. If you haven't catched the trailer, here's the video below:

More on Jay Garrick:

As far as we know, Jay will be played by Teddy Sears. Jay comes into season 2 from a parallel universe to warn Barry and his team of an impending doom. Hmm... What could it be?

We could also see from the trailer, the return of Captain Cold. Not forgetting, he lets loose the villains on the final episodes of season 1 could mean, we could see a new rogue set up here. I can't wait!

Keiynan Lonsdale(according to what I heard), will be Kid flash(not Bart Allen though), but Wally West in season 2. Oh my gosh, this keeps getting better, don't it?

Also, There's still a reverse flash in this series, so don't fret.

Oh, oh! and Cisco Ramone has powers.. Is this true? What will he be? I liked him a lot in season 1. The lines he's given, well...loved it.

Oh, and Barry discovering how his speed can make him travel into alternate dimensions, will it mean there'll be more parallel universe's in this season. I really do think so.

Okok...I'm trying not to give away spoilers here. I'll wait till the first episode of season 2 comes around before we splurge more, alright?

Meanwhile, there, I placed the Comic Con trailer here so that, we can see more juicy bites.

The Flash Season 2 will premiere on CW on the 6th of October 2015. Don't miss it!

Credits to the Flash Promo Team for such a wonderful Poster! Can't wait.


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