017. Starwars Battlefront: 5 things you need to know before you buy

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StarWars Premiere early this week in LA. TCL Chinese Theatre
where the first trilogy was launched. Photo:Businessinsider.com

We all can agree that it is going to be a very busy Star Wars week this week, yes? The opening of the star wars franchise is finally here! Earlier this week, some of us has had the first sneak peek into the long awaited movie of the year. The re-beginning of the franchise that has gotten us into a frenzy. Websites issuing the pre-tickets have crashed and families have cried while watching the trailer. It is finally here, people...

The frenzy is so great, you can see many companies capitalising on the franchise. Disney is smiling all the way to the already fat bank account they have.

We await StarWars Battlefront, and it is here! but wait...There's something severely lacking

But we're here to talk about the video game that has been launched to capitalise on this wave: Star Wars Battlefront by EA. Why do we say EA? well, cause we had all the warning signs imaginable when we hear that EA is taking the reigns to this anticipated game(supposedly, of the year). To add to it, I don't think DICE really had too much say in this game. It's the same vicious cycle everytime, game developers get bullied by game publishers, and quality gets compromised.(to that end, kudos to Fallout4)

The Origin platform has never been a great success, but I guess it's a
stepping stone.

The Bare Naked truth

To be honest, there's much less to this game then what it is made out to be. When you're dealing with Star Wars, the potential is so great, that there's a standard you must live up to. EA fails miserably. Not only that, EA has displayed all the signs that show us gamers that they think we're sheeps.

That's to put it lightly. Here's five things that broke battlefront, even before the movie comes out.

01. As of 16th Dec 2015, Origin lowered the price of the game under the pretense that it's a limited time offer.

One month into the game and origin is offering a discounted price
for SW:Battlefront?

Should we forget that the game was released only exactly one month ago, on Nov 17?(18 or 19 on some areas).

Gamers who have bought the game early on found, to their dismay that to get the full experience that the game has to offer, they need to buy the battlefront season pass. Off course, one can just skip season pass, but the current game lacks depth in so many ways(we'll get to that later).So now you pay double for the price of one game.

So, season pass unlocks what we all want, but at what cost? It doesn't even
improve the game past decent...

Imagine the rage, Star Wars fans feel after this early discount?

02. The game lacks serious depth

Players get to immerse themselves in tutorials, singleplayer and multiplayer modes. As you pass through the tutorials, youd find so much potential in flying an X-wing, tie fighter, racers and AT-STs. That;s all good, no problem there, but then you get to the singleplayer mode and you find a big flaw.

Singleplayer modes reveal the barebones content that populate the
wealthy potential of the game.

So players get to choose a limited number of maps they want to play on.
Singleplayer looses out on game longevity.

Tutorial mode: Speeders

Tutorial mode: X-wing

AT-ST in the tutorial mode is awesome.

Singleplayer mode doesn't have a storyline. It's very mission oriented, in the form of battlefield. Off course you get to play as one of the main characters. On the imperial side you have Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett, on the rebel side; Luke, Han Solo and Leia Organa. For the first ten minutes playing the game, you get so hyped up playing the characters, but the enthusiasm dies down so fast as you realise, there's nothing else to offer.

The Empire faction hero characters you get to choose to play in every map.

The Rebel faction hero characters that you get to choose to play in every map.

We were expecting the game to explore some StarWars lore going into it. Personally, we'd like a story that makes us travel through all the planets playing as a character and completing missions that are not points-based.

All you get is the cutscene that is meaningless...no story, no plot, nothing.

All we get is a location with our mission to get most points, get collectibles, restore health etc.All the potentials of the franchise gone to waste.

03. The game's core is weak

So, okay then, the singleplayer is a let down. Fine. Let's go to multiplayer and you find abit more depth, but not enough, if at all.

A wider range of game modes are available in multiplayer mode, thank goodness.

In multiplayer, you get a lot of the fps multiplayer modes like "capture the flag", "get the most kills" etc, but is it enough?

To add to that, some of the maps are so unpopulated that you'd spend more than half hour just to que. It's a disgrace.

This will take up most of your online play as the servers are so unpopulated.
At least Jakku DLC wasn't that bad, but still only on certain maps.

In multiplayer you accumulate xp and points so that you can unlock items like guns, grenades etc, but you only have 3 slots at loadout. Also, character customization is limited to customizing haircuts, facial hair on a preset UNKNOWN character. Wuttt?

Also, the gameplay in multiplayer allows you to take control of speeders, AT-STs and wing fighters and hero characters, but the hero characters are too overpowered that you just can't help but just die. Don't get us started on Bobafett.

Boba is just amazing. His jet pack makes him super overpowered. You could
leave opponents in the dust with this guy, and therein also lies the problem.

04. Play the Jakku DLC

Although the DLC looks nice. It just lacks any meaningful gameplay. Of course we are not asking for a storyline that might spoil the movie, but there is no story at all.

You gotta admit that it does look awesome. This is a map in jakku that gets the people.
Most other maps are still very much quiet.
The character of the maps, not just in Jakku, but every other map, lacks a character that is at least close to battlefield. It's just pretty much "duck-and-shoot" with most of the debris here. There are spots that offer you little more advantage, but that's it. It's just bland.

Sure, some of you might ask, what then could be a good suggestion.

and hoth is not much different from the other landscapes offered
in this game when you strip of the beautiful graphics.

I mean, c'mon we'd like to use spears and boulders every once in awhile, either
for fun or for strategy...

Like, what we mean is, like for example, they could add ewoks in endor as neutral parties, or taun tauns that we can utilize on hoth, you know? Or we could have maps that players could interact with the environment to give them the winning advantage. We think Star Wars deserve better than that.

05. This point is a culmination of all the points that makes this game bad

It comes to a point where you wonder if EA even think fans are humans. We love starwars, but we cant get immersed in a world where there is a lack of a storyline to feed our thirst for the force, nor can we get immersed in a world where skills count for nothing. The fight mechanics are just too 'guided', we don't have any form of 'planning phase' of the game to strategise AT ALL. Players just get onto the field and "try their best". The light saber duels are so "hack and slash" and doesn't provide variety. There is just no variety.

It seems almost like EA just created a game and thought fans might be content with the thought of the beautifully reproduced StarWars landscape that we know and love. We need more than that EA!

If EA creates more series in this franchise like what it does to their other titles, overprice it and underwhelms the game, then maybe it's best to stop supporting this title. They have gotten money from this title, but they are not going to get anymore.

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