016. Fallout 4's deadliest enemies & fights in the game!

Spoiler Alert! If you are planning to get Fallout 4,(what are you waiting for?Christmas?) then this article contains obvious spoilers for the game.

Put your hands up in the air...nice..and slow~

Now that that's out of the way...

It's been close to two months since the release of Fallout 4, most of us are still exploring the wastelands, preoccupied with growing crops, building settlements, making modifications or just purely exploring.

We don't usually go out of our way to find foes to exorcise, but when we do, "hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn". Off course, we can choose to run away, but heck. What's our purpose in life than to destroy these beings right?

So...take out your power armor, stock up on some fusion cores and make space in your inventory for the "Fat man"...

Here's a list of the most cumbersome, annoying and most of all deadliest foes you will face in the game!

Terrifying to fight once he goes stealth. "F*^k You Kellogg"

1. Kellogg

He's the man responsible(well, partly) for the abduction of your son at the start of the campaign. And when you finally meet up with the man himself at fort hagen, he slowly lets your guard down with some yapping. "Let's talk" he says. You change your attire to one that musters up the most CHR, only to find out it's gonna end one way.

Payback time Kellogg!

Immediately after the talk, you dig into your pipboy, wear your fight gear and then Kellogg's gone. He used his stealth boy. f*^K

It's not that I don't want to fight, but it gets annoying after awhile of goose-chasing any enemy who deploys stealth in their arsenal. Makes me go:

"It's not like I can't kill you, but I got other places to be muchacho, so just get this over quickly"
Yeah, ok I admit, I did die once. Annoying. Thank god he drops that pistol of his upon death. Worth it? not quite, but oh heck..I'll get over this.

This is the least you could do, Kellogg

2. Inevitable Deathclaw Meeting

Deathclaws are just...mean. I hate them. They're fast, thick and for lack of a better word "claws". I don't care what you grammar Nazis are gonna say. Grrrr...

Just get your "fatmans" ready for this fight.

Once you've discovered that there's a runaway Institute scientist who seeks refuge in the glowing sea, your character will inevitably make his/her way to that forsaken part of the map. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is ground zero where the nuclear fallout landed that ended us all here in the first place. So it's F*%ken dangerous.

Stock up on rad-X and radaways for this main quest. And get your power armor ready to prevent rapid rad contamination(RRD).

The glowing sea boasts one of the most bleakest landscapes in Fallout 4, and
it's not just radiation you should worry about
As you travel the glowing sea in search of Virgil, the runaway scientist, you'll most probably stumble upon flies(no problem), ghouls(no problem), Radscorpion(F*%k) and Deathclaws(OMG). You might even be lucky enough to see deathclaws fighting radscorpions!

At the entrance of Virgils' hideout, THERE WILL BE A DEATHCLAW. You can choose to take a detour around the creature or just fight the beast. (Choose the latter, it's much more economical.)

"Face down in the dirt, monster"

There's nothing a Fatman can't handle...

...And we're finally here. Virgil better not be some super mutant or something...


3. Institute Courser

Get a grip, lady...
Okay, okay. One has to agree that Bethesda did a splendid job in the storytelling department. They did a good job hyping up the "glowing sea" through Dr Amari, and they did it again here as your first encounter with a courser.

Here's the lowdown: Institute Coursers' are synthetic humans a.k.a robots that are programmed to be The Institutes' warriors and/or hunters. You never really get to see them until this storyline mission comes into play.

Your mission is simple: Go to Greentech Genetics building and kill a courser.

Sounds simple on paper, but as you inch closer and closer to your objective, you can't help but think:

"I'm screwed"
I mean it only makes sense, considering Bethesda obviously took some pointers from Terminator. Look:

Ok, maybe not so close after all, but still, the essence is there..and no, there is no ULTRON.

Ok so once you head to the place, and finally meet the course, guess what? He uses a stealthboy! great!

Unlike Kellogg though, the coursers are thick. And since they are in stealth, there's lesser chance for you to go the VATS route. So, unless you're loaded with pulse grenades/mines, you go for the slow, "cat and mouse" fight. Or simply use a missile launcher:)


An important mission item that you must retrieve by killing the courser.

4. Winlock & Barnes

As you travel around more and more with Maccready(one of Fallout's companions), he begins to open up to you about a group of Gunners who are annoying him. Once you've accepted the quest: "The long road ahead", you get the chance to take on the gunners.

As you'd expect. MacCready is never there when you need him. So it's all up to us. You have the choice to meet the relatively easy Barnes first, or go guns blazing at start with Winlock.

Getting to and Killing Barnes is easy...nothing new for us to handle

You even get the chance to talk to him before you end him.
The problem lies in killing Winlock, as he's right smack in the centre of a bunch of his henchmen Gunners and an assaultron.

An assaultron is not to be trifled with, add in a bunch of gunners and
a power armored foe. That's one helluva recipe
Imagine fighting on top of a bridge(wrong step could mean your death fall), debris restricting your movements, vehicles capable of exploding in the vicinity, an assaultron and Winlock in Power armor, backed by his henchmen.

I'll tell you why I hate assaultrons before I go to Winlock.

Assaultrons are robots with extendable arms that can stagger you and has a set of "laser eyes" that can rival superman. They're just devastating. They can cover distances between you and them as fast as a ghoul and are just as tough as a sentry bot.

But don't you ever forget the "laser eyes" part. They're really a menace

Thankfully though, you just destroy their legs first and get back to them later.

Don't forget. When you meet an assaultron, LEG. FIRST.

In this "Omaha beach fight", disable their legs first! They're not the only ones
you have to worry about
Once, the assaultron is reduced to a crippled crawler, take out the gunners surrounding Winlock. Becareful if you're taking cover behind explodable vehicles though.

Goddamn gunners!

Now. Winlock in power armor. Winlock has a gorgeous power armor that you'd want to keep after he dies, so try not to damage it too much.(Not like how I did it ok?)


5. Mirelurk Queen at the Castle

The horror show starts once Preston Garvey decides that a junk of land called "The Castle"
is worth salvaging from the Mirelurks
I hate bugs... and to a great extent creatures that look like 'em. Urghhh. I hate radscorpions, stingwings, Mirelurks. Heck, even the harmless ones like radroaches and bloatfly. I hate 'em, truly and indefinitely.

Therefore, this 'venture' truly grits my teeth.

Mirelurks will be dealt with with extreme prejudice...

In this mission, Preston Garvey and the minutemen prepare to take over control of "The Castle" from the wandering mirelurks...but that's not all.

I'm lucky enough Strongs' my companion for this episode as I store my minigun and a fatman with him.

So as we attack the castle, the mirelurks, their eggs, you can see in the distance, a giant rising from the sea floor heading towards the castle. I'd rather it be a kaiju, but Bethesda doesn't have rights to that anyway.

What the heck is that?
It looks uglier than a mirelurk, it's big, it's thick and it shoots poison. I hate it. I do.

Yucks! Look at that...
From the first time I laid eyes on it, there was only my fatman and missile launcher in my mind. The Mirelurk Queen is not as harmful as it seems. It's not as fast, it's a big targetboard and you can dodge it's poison spit, but it is thick. Incendiary works well against this beast, and with all Mirelurks, aiming the face is a good way to go...that is, if you can get it to expose it's face!

I hate to say this but, Mirelurk Queen meats are useful in your journey.

6. Savage DeathClaw

In the quest, "The Devil's due", you are required to investigate the museum of witchcraft, after which, you will stumble upon private Hart's body and listen to his holotape.

The mission is straight forward. There's no fuss, everything happens inside the museum, well, bulk of it mostly.

The door to the museum is chained from inside, so players will need to go around the side
where they will see Pt Harts' body and enter through the hatch nearby

As you hear the holotape of the dismembered victim, Pt Hart, alarm bells start to ring. You're gonna have to battle a deathclaw or something else entirely(perhaps a new Bethesda creation?). But from the title, it's quite clear where this is going.

What makes this place so menacing is because you're trapped in a small area with a deathclaw that is savage! debris all around restricts movement. Take a look at the picture below:

Weilding a Fatman here is dangerous, make sure you get a safe distance away
A small arena means lesser opportunities to plot your mines and shoot your fatman. Surprisingly, if you have lots of jets to spare, you can kill the Deathclaw with the pickman blade(hint: just do the Diamond City Blues quest to get loads of chems including jets).

You can also sneak around the deathclaw to get to it's egg, which is the quest item. But where's the fun in that, c'mon...

The quest offers you 2 options, return the egg to the nest or deliver the egg
for a reason so stupid, you'll never understand why you'd risk your life.
I digress. So, back to the deathclaw. It wont take long to find the deathclaw in this confined museum. The debris and wreckage can actually help you outmanuever this deathclaw, if you're nimble enough. Just don't get cornered. DONT.

It might take awhile, some luck and some guts. Kill the deathclaw and then
choose what you want to do to the eggs.
If you happen to choose to deliver the eggs, guess what it's for?

 Imma go home now...

7. Swan

Don't be deceived by it's name. Swan's anything but elegant. And you're probably wondering why I haven't mentioned any Behemoths in this article, so here it is.

Head over to Boston Commons
Your encounter with Swan will come when you're exploring the Boston Commons for "The Freedom Trail" quest. Some players might miss it, but Swan is located in an irradiated pond right smack in the middle of the Commons. They call it: Swan's Pond.

Swan is a different kind of Behemoth in that it uses a boat as a shield and
an anvil as it's weapon. Still, it throws rocks. Screw logic.

This video screengrab from 'Constipated Owl' shows Swan in his "Disguise"
Pretty neat huh?
If you're like me and Batman, and you like to prowl the wastelands in the night, well, Swan's gonna come out from hiding and just walk in plain sight.

No hiding he says...
Just keep your missile launcher and fatman ready. Oh, and a flamer. Most super mutants are weak against fire, I don't know, that's just the mechanics. This doesn't show up on VATS though.(for those of you who have the perk that will allow you to see enemy resistance levels.)

Now, with that in mind, you can choose to outmanuever Swan in this fight and slowly drop his health, or just go big. Use your companion as bait and get as many shots in as your companion will soon find out that they are no match.

Should you decide to go direct and hit him hard then fatman and missile launcher is what you need.(Stimpaks too).

Trust me, Swan is worth a mini nuke...
Or if you're going the less aggressive route, incendiary items like molotovs, incendiary shotgun or
a flamer can bring him down pretty fast. Just 'kite' him around the trees.
Once the dust settles and you realise you've used up half of your grenades, molotovs, missiles, ammo or even mini-nukes(not to mention stimpaks), you will be duly rewarded by a legendary item. Swan's loot will include the "Furious Power Fist" which does a lot of damage for melee. It is one of the best melee weapon in game besides Pickman's blade and Kremvh's tooth. Truly worth it!

*Break Glass: In case you intend to use melee against a Supermutant*

8. Institute vs The Minutemen (The Castle)

In one of the most intense battle of the game, the Institute seeks to banish out the minutemen. I hope you've had enough time to beef up the defense of the castle and plug in the destroyed walls. You'd be going the easier path if you went ahead with Liberty Prime of the Brotherhood's campaign, but that's a different story...

Players will talk to Ronnie first. She hears news that the Institute are moving in to take over the castle.

From then on, players have a set amount of time to do whatever little touching finishes to the defense of the castle. By this time, You wont have time to set up trade routes or transfer your raw materials to the castle's workshop, but don't fret. The Castle has plenty of items that you can salvage.

Build lots of turrets and defense points. It's going to be one helluva battle.

Build walls like this to funnel the Institutes' offensive.
If you like Coursers, you're in luck. You'll find them swarming the place amongst all the other synths and their legendary counterparts. Your sentries will break down, Your people will die. You have to be the one to survive. Keep your missile launchers, Fatmans and ventribird signal close to you.

You will be swarmed by synths. That is an understatement...
...and by coursers. Using lots and lotsa stealthboys.
Eventually, as your castle defence comes to the 80% mark, things start to get considerably worse and you'd have to(I just know it...) abandon your post and defend in a small area. That's where you make your last stand.

That's damn straight son...
Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more articles. And do leave a comment below if you think we've left out any information.

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