006. People you didn't (but most probably do) know were involved with Batman!

#BatmanDay is upon us.

Tell me, do you read?

This is the time of the year where fans across the world will pay tribute to the dark knight, and his villains. You will see fans litter conventions with costumes of the caped crusader. His cowl, his utility belt, his mask, everything. In relation to this wonderful upcoming event, let's recap back the people involved with our childhood hero!

1. One of the inspirations for Batman was Zorro

Ben Affleck In the 1940s, DC's success with Superman prompted them to scramble to create more heroes. That was the time when Bob Kane first created a hero called "The Batman", with inspirations coming from Zorro. Bill Finger got on the project later on as a writer and the rest is as they say 'history'.

2. Did you know that among the names who've stand in for batman include, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jean Paul Valley, Terry McGinnis?

Yes, among the few were his son and the original robin to act as a stand-in when the caped crusader was out injured or had some other errands to attend to.


Oh, and did we mentioned, a few other common people had their attempts to dress up as him?
3. Speaking of which, Bill Murray was once picked to be casted as Batman?

Thank God it didn't work out. Can you imagine?

Ghostbuster, not so much a crimebuster...Thank you very much!

4. This wasn't the first time Christian Bale "participated" in a batman movie.

Mr Bale once auditioned for the role of Robin in 'Batman Forever' starring Val Kilmer. In the end, the choice of Robin went to Chris O Donnell. Looking at how Bale conducts his acting, we think, the direction of batman forever wouldn't have suited him. And, thank heavens he didn't take any part in Batman & Robin!(right?no?).

Batman-ception! If Bale got the role as robin in Batman Forever, and he plays The Dark Knight in Nolan's Trilogy, it'd be like point #1, Dick Grayson being Batman!!

5. Christian Bale(again) advises Ben Affleck on the role of Batman

Ben Affleck apparently revealed that he was given an important piece of advice by Bale, when he was doing promotion at this years' Comic Con in San Diego. Affleck told fans how they both bumped into each other in a Los Angeles costume shop to buy batman costumes for their kids when Affleck was greeted by Bale.

An awestruck Affleck asked;"Do you have any tips?"(on playing batman). And Bale' reply was; "Make sure you can piss in that suit.".

Imagine that. Here's the trailer for Superman v Batman in case you missed it. (Catch the Comic-Con trailer too)

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