014. Batman V Superman:What we learn from the new trailer through our reporter; Clark Kent!

Warning: This article might contain spoilers. Article is based on the deductions based off of the latest trailer and the previous trailers and teasers before this as well as comic sources. Therefore, You read this article at your own risk.

Hell yeahhhh...Doomsday! Does this mean Superman dies?

Well, hello


The heading says it all. We just saw the latest trailer just a few hours ago. For those who hasn't seen it. Here it is.

Now imagine Clark writing an article for 'The Daily Planet' right after the gala premiere and interview with rich playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne. How would it look like? Here are a few articles our Source, 'The Daily Planet' that might give us some easter eggs(and possible theories on the upcoming movie too!)Check out below.
Article #01:

                                                 ~The Daily Planet~                      01 Dec 2015

Gotham Billionaire slams local hero,Superman

Billionaire from Gotham, Bruce Wayne at the Lexcorps Gala unveiling
Posted by Clark Kent
Journalist for 'The Daily Planet'
Dec 01 2015.

It was on a cold night on 30th Nov 2015, a colleague and I from 'The Daily Planet' arrived on the Gala of  LexCorps' unveiling of their new product. We arrived on the scene early, as how journalists and reporters always are. As we gathered in front of the building hall to stop any potential prey for our latest article entries, a car stopped by. A black sedan pulled up, perhaps of a British make, very elegant yet simple.

"Who's that?", I asked. "You must be new, That is Bruce Wayne" replied my colleague, the non-chalant photographer. I've always wondered how my colleague knows all the rich playboys of the world, like when that time he introduced me to a certain 'Oliver Queen'. I digress for a moment before I snap out of it. Maybe tonight, Bruce Wayne shall be my target. Maybe tonight Mr Wayne shall be my headline for the editorial team tomorrow.

So I approach, the Gotham billionaire like an eagle swooping in on his prey.

"Mr Wayne", I called out. I introduced myself, the unassuming journalist from our own "The Daily Planet". "What's your position on the bat vigilante in Gotham?", I asked. To which, I was greeted with a smirk from the billionaire.

"Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city. People living in fear. He thinks he's above the law.", I reiterated just in case, to steer the billionaire into the right direction.

His comments didn't waste time to floor me, as he takes a swipe at 'The Daily Planet' and our local superhero; Superman, whom have gained Metropolis' trust and admiration from his years of keeping the city safe. Who is this guy? I ask myself, twice for the night.

"I think they're(The Daily Planet) a hypocrite. Would you say?" Mr Wayne asks me.

"Considering every time your hero saves a cat out of the tree, you write a half piece editorial...About an alien, who can burn the place down" The billionaire has struck the blow to the hearts of most people in Metropolis. I admit, I felt it myself.

I try to match his brave statement with a rather calm demeanor. "The rest of the world doesn't share your opinion, Mr Wayne". And then I waited as the air grew still between us. The intensity fizzled out as soon as the young founder of LexCorp, Lex Luthor found both of us and re-introduced us in his own way.

Perhaps If Mr Wayne feels Metropolis has issues with the way our hero deals with things, He can always talk to Superman about it. Or better yet, perhaps, he can facilitate a meeting between Superman and Batman so as to teach Batman on how to become a hero, not a 'wannabe' in street lingo.

The writer has been a journalist with 'The Daily Planet' for four years, during which, he has written stories on Metropolis' very own "Man Of Steel". You can contact the writer at KentC@tdp.com.

 Article #02:

                                                 ~The Daily Planet~                      15 Dec 2015

Batman Vs Superman: A new era

Superman at a court hearing on his charges
Posted by Lois Lane
Journalist for 'The Daily Planet'
Dec 15 2015.
A little over two weeks ago, Clark Kent, a colleague of mine, and a journalist of TDP posted an editorial on Gotham billionaire, Bruce Wayne and his stand on "The Batman". It hasn't taken long for the bat vigilante to appear on our city. That article on Superman "teaching" The Batman must have got to the vigilante.
Recent events surrounding the court order for Superman's arrest has turn Superman into a fugitive. Now, he seeks refuge...somewhere. The Batman has come out of hiding to bring Superman to justice. Bruce Wayne echoes that sentiment by citing that "He has the power to wipe out the entire human race".
The Day when our city sky rained terror because Batman met Superman
The new order to arrest Superman comes from Senator Finch's new directive. In the court hearing, which Superman attended, The Senator has called out that Superman's powers are "abusive" and "nuclear". Among other things, Senator Finch is adamant that in order for Superman to save Metropolis, he needs to reside "under our watchful eyes, in a place where he is restraint".
Yesterday, we saw a glimpse of our hero returning to Metropolis after his short exile, only to be greeted by The Batman. Much of the city has evacuated, as Metropolis quickly turned into a battleground between these two. The bat vigilante took advantage of the situation by fighting at night, where the earth's sun doesn't help Superman.
Mysteriously, both of them disappeared after the dust has settled and millions of homes were destroyed. Is this what we want Metropolis? to push our hero, the one who has saved us countless times. Do we want to push him past his breaking point, until he turns rogue?
Food for thought, dear Citizens
Vote online for our petition to welcome Superman back at dailyplanet.com. Started by Lois Lane. The writer has been a journalist with 'The Daily Planet' for seven years, during which, she has won a few journalistic honors from the press assembly. You can contact the writer at KentC@tdp.com.


So there you have these two articles explaining the events based on the trailer. Here's what we can learn from the latest trailer and the articles.
  1. Bruce Wayne is very resentful of Superman after the last event whereby General Zod tried to invade the world
  2. Superman is being arrested for being too powerful. He is viewed as an alien that needs to be stopped
  3. Lex Luthor facilitates the meeting between the two heroes and manipulates them against each other
  4. We see Doomsday in the trailer, to which, Wonderwoman comes to the rescue..but why is she in this fight? to save the world?
  5. Batman and Superman have no idea who Wonderwoman is? could this be the start to the Justice League? Except this time, it isn't Darkseid who is the catalyst
  6. Doomsday is implied to be born out of Lex Luthor's ability to resurrect him from the dead body of General Zod, which totally changes the origins of Doomsday
  7. In the first comic-con trailer, Alfred tells Bruce Wayne that Superman is not the enemy, which shows that Superman is not completely evil. Why would they fight then?
Do leave comments below, if you have any insights from the new Batman vs Superman trailer. Let's share the knowledge!:)
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