019. Juicy Top 10 Movies of 2016!

Juicy Top 10 Movies we are anticipating in 2016!

Image taken from forbes. Assasin's Creed!


Written on Jan 03 2016

And so a new year has already begun! Yes, we are reeling from the phenomenon of december known as StarWars:The Force Awakens! We have awoken, and asmuch as we love StarWars, we can't wait for feb 2016 to come around fast so that we can get our next dose of our favorite icons!

So...Here's the list

01. Deadpool(Feb 2nd 2016)

This movie is slated to break StarWars' grip on the box office this upcoming february, and with the hype surrounding the movie, it is no wonder people are claiming that. This "Merc with a mouth" needs no introduction to superhero fans, especially Marvel's. We shall not get into the details of this hero's history though, but we'll tell you his superpower though. Deadpool...just...can't...die. If that's not enough of a factor for you to catch this movie, well, you have another thing coming. He's not called "The merc with a mouth" for nothing. Expect explosions, actions and lots of witty, humorous dialogue.

02. Allegiant(March 18th 2016)

For guys, it's Shailene Woodley!(OMG), For ladies, it's Theo James. This is the third instalment of this hugely popular movie franchise inspired by the books(Divergent series). In a post-apocalyptic world where humans are segregated according to their classes, this series chronicles the lives of our favorite divergent heroes. Divergents are humans with the abilities to transcend all classes and are seen as threats to the established order of the world. Expect action, lots of it...and off course, Shailene Woodley(if that's not enough for most of you).

03. Batman Vs Superman(March 25th 2016)

Holy Cow! Us being huge DC fans, this movie is the most aniticipated of the year! Marvel fans have already had their "Avengers", this movie is our equivalent(if not better..hehe). There are a few battles in the DC universe(comics) that has already had a profound effect on our childhood, FlashvSuperman, AquamanvWonderwoman, BatmanvSuperman just to name a few. Thank goodness,they've decided to do this. And the fans cant wait. We've even written a few articles on this movie(do check it out)! These two heroes need no introduction and we can't wait for what's gonna happen. The dark knight versus The man of steel. Who's going to win? And will we see the dawn of the justice league? Only time will tell...

04. Captain America:Civil War(May 6th 2016)

This has got to be the second most anticipated of the year!(after batmanvsuperman). If you read the comics, which we're sure Marvel fans have, then it's pretty much the same how the story is going to flow. But, our imagination from reading the comics can only bring us so far(right?). We like both characters, so it's interesting how the antagonists(ehem..you should know who) evolve in this story. More than that, we just like to see superhero clashes...oh, and don't forget...The Black Panther!

05. X-men Apocalypse(May 27th 2016)

Introducing the first ever mutant born on earth(not to mention the most powerful) as the antagonist of the X-men and humankind in this movie. Does that send chills down your spine? This is one of the most feared villains in the comic world, and as such, this movie is a must watch for anyone,not to mention X-men fans.

06. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows(June 3rd 2016)

People might give us stick for this movie, but just look at the trailer! The highlight is that we will get to see Bebop and Rocksteady! Yes, yes, we know...it's a michael Bay movie, but still...If it's any consolation, Megan Fox is still hot as ever.

07. Warcraft(June 10th 2016)

Finally! Words cannot express how long we have been waiting for Blizzard's hugely successful video game to be turned into a movie. Remember the nights we spent on windows DOS, just to build enough army to clear a stage? Remember those days when we would go to work sleepy from all the raids we did the night before? This is a long time coming, and it's soon going to be here. We heard that it's going to be a trilogy, so this movie chronicles the opening of the dark portal onto which, orcs first discovered Azeroth. All the characters we know and love will be in this movie like Lothar, Durotan, Orgrim Doomhammer, Thrall, Gul'dan, Medivh...the question is...will you be there?

08. Suicide Squad(August 5th 2016)

By August this year, we would have been handful of "Anti-Superhero movies" like Deadpool and to a certain extent BVS & Captain America: Civil War. Here's the latest one to hit our screens, if you're reading this in august! Suicide Squad. You will see the likes of Joker, Harley Quinn, Enchantress and deadshot in a different light than what we're used to. It turns out DCU's underbelly has scums that are so bad, they can redeem themselves. With this, DC is finally signalling to world their arrival, after Marvel's domination for the past few years.

09. Doctor Strange (Nov 4th 2016)

Not much is known about Dr strange at the moment, but what we do know, is enough to blow us out of the water. Benedict Cumberbatch is the actor behind the surgeon we all know and love. And, get this, the person acting opposite him is Mads Mikkelsen(known for his work on Hannibal)! It seems the Marvel executives are moving alot of heroes along this year eh? Expect a busy end of the year!

10. Assassin's Creed(Dec 21st 2016)

The trailer is not out yet, but we do see images of the setprops and promo picture etc. Well 20th century Fox is surely taking their time on this. We can't wait for it. We think the movie introduces a new character and that's a good move! And you can't fault Michael Fassbender who is a great actor. 2015 and 2016 is surely a busy year for him as he stars in this movie, along with X-men Apocalypse and the upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic. Can't wait...

In conclusion...

It's been a great 2015, but here's to plenty more in 2016! Can't wait for it. Oh and also, some of you might want to add a few movies not in this list. We had a hard time to pick the movies, trust us. We've left out "Rogue One: A StarWars Story", "Ghostbusters 3", "Gambit", "Independence Day:Resurgence", "Angry Birds" and a few others that didn't quite make as much buzz as these movies listed. If you felt we left out some more, do state the movie title as well as the date in the  comment box below, so that we can all keep a lookout for it! Happy 2016!

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