013. A Quick 10 new things we love and hate in Fallout 4!

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Oops! Trust me, I got all the armor I need...and then some'
Two weeks(it's the third week now) into the release of Fallout 4 and we still haven't got past 50% of game achievements and completion. Bethesda has done it again. Another grade A game from them, kudos. Something to keep us all occupied for the year end(and perhaps well into Q1 of the next year!).

Ok, enough sweet talk. Leave the fanboy moment aside for now, the mechanics of Fallout 4 has changed somewhat tremendously. The good news is that they are all addons to the original title that we know and love. The bad news is that the new mechanics comes in droves in the new Wasteland. This is compounded by Bethesda Studios not really getting into the details but letting us figure it out ourselves!

Still, It is tremendously addictive!

Let's keep the article short and sweet so that you can refer to this once you're in the wastelands of Fallout 4!

01.Using Stimpaks doesn't automatically increase your health!

While in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, using stimpaks immediately increases your health, in Fallout 4, once you leave the pipboy window, there will be a short animation of your character injecting the stimpak sterum before your hp goes up.

The process of "Stimpak-ing" oneself takes about 1-2 secs(animation time). Vital when in a fight that you don't get cornered!

If you're cornered, spamming stimpaks wont work like it used to. ~Fair warning huh?

02. Item durability is a thing of the past

Aparently Bethesda did away with item durability. Someone must've complained about item durability being to excessive we guess. If you're the kind who is usually attached to the same weapons and armor, that's great news...except if you like Power Armor though. Power armor parts HAVE DURABILITY METERS! Don't say we didn't warn ya!

Fallout New Vegas has item "Condition" bar which loses it's effectiveness as it depletes.
Becomes unusable when the bar completely depletes...unless you repair it.

Items like weapons, armors etc don't have a 'condition' bar like they used to, but power armor parts do
although, it's now renamed as 'health' on the item. Take note of that.

03. The layout for S.P.E.C.I.A.L,Skills and Perks are visually re-invented

You know that Perk Chart we get when we buy the cd? That's exactly what we get in Fallout 4. Every point divided upon a visual tree. The top row represents the S.P.E.C.I.A.L, and the rest are skills and Perks. You'd still need to upgrade a skill or SPECIAL to level up a Perk, but it's all visual now.

Here's the new 'Perk Chart'. Everything into one

Remember that you can scroll down by simply hovering your mouse at top or bottom of page!

Oh, and, remember, to "scroll down" the chart, simply hover your mouse towards the top or bottom of the chart...Coz Bethesda's all like: "f*#k scrolling...that's for zooming in and out."

04. Junk Items can be "scrapped" for raw materials

This pointer leads to the next pointer(and thereafter). Yes, all those junk items that have been cluttering all those previous Fallouts? They just found their calling. They can be kept for their raw materials content so that they can be used to built or modify your weapons or armor or for building something

You can choose to scrap some item and get raw items, but there's a better alternative~
Just build a lesser mod on your item and gain the spare part of your rifle(to be attached later to your other weapons!)

Scrap some armor to get some ridiculously minimal raw items return~

05. Armor and Weapons can be modified!

Oh boy, is this a treat or what? Now you can turn your useless pipe rifle to accept .308 rounds! Maybe add some scopes here and a bayonet there. Voila! Heck, we can even run around naked except for a hat and still have power armor like stats. Ok we might be exaggerating, but yeah, anything's possible now..."if only I can find the items I need..."

A simple pipe rifle can be modified to take in a .45 round, increasing it's damage output, provide-
you have all the raw materials and the required skill tree.

06. You can literally build a safehaven town from scratch

If you're in workshop mode, you can build yourself a power generator, a radio signal, a few turrets, stalls and you can do the "minecraft". You can even grow crops and get a few settlers to tend to the crops. Just for fun, you can build a chamber, trap a companion inside and power a dangerous tesla coil to see how they'd react. (In the name of fun right?..aww..c'mon)

"Workshop mode" turns your screen into a HUD something like this.
Here you can choose to scrap an item to get it's raw material.

...or build something

Or plant some goddamned crops in this wasteland..

Look at what I built for class today Ma!

07. Sprint, I say!

A simple mechanic that previous Fallout versions left out, the option to sprint to an upcoming ghoul before it gets up to blast it's face with a shotgun

That's damn straight, son!

08. Re-inventing the Health meter(HP) and the Action Point meter(AP)

Too much Rads don't kill you, but excessive amounts do lead to your death~ In your HP meter, radiation exposure fills up what's supposed to be your HP bar with a red Rad bar, effectively blocking out your overall health. Unless you cure yourself from rads, you'd almost always be walking around with 80% health when you go out for a few missions.

In Fallout New Vegas, Rads take up it's own bar, after a certain level, it starts to get dangerous


Your AP bar is now shared with your sprint mechanic. Sprinting drains your AP. Just make sure you get to VATS your enemy by the time you sprint to reach them.

09. Item looting is now a one-button affair

In previous Fallouts, one has to get close to a chest, container or dead person, hit "open" before a menu comes up with the inventory of their items. Fallout 4 just needs you to hover your cursor to the object, producing a small window which allows you to just hit "Enter" or "E" to grab that item. You can scroll down to browse and grab only specific items you need. They must've taken cue from Apple's Ergonomics team...heh

In Fallout New Vegas, one would need to go close & "open" item first-
to explore it's inventory.

Soooo...how does this help in a fight? Well, for one, you can loot a body even before it hits the ground or if your sneak is high enough, can disarm an unsuspecting enemy before he realises he needs to fight you.

In Fallout 4, you can loot the enemy through this small window even before they hit the ground.
A useful trick against a pack of ghouls when speed is your ally.

10. Stimpak is all you need

In previous Fallouts, one would need to tend to every crippled limb separately. In Fallout 4, stimpaks cure crippled limbs, all at once! is that great or what?

In Fallout New Vegas, Bethesda shows the parts of the body that are crippled.
You'd need a doctor's bag to cure all crippled limbs or one stimpak for every limb affected.

Fallout New Vegas offers it's players a way to heal crippled parts.

Fallout 4 produces a less "gory" notification of when you're limbs are crippled.
Best of all, only one stimpak is needed to cure ALL crippled limbs.

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