009. Top 7 hiding spots for toys in a toy store

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We dance to the same tune every year. 

Every time a new blockbuster hits the screen, we rush to the stores like rats following the pied pipers' tune. And boy is it ugly...we scramble and shove for the latest blockbuster hero figure. Don't leave out the villains too. Some quarrel, some even wrestle to get the latest toy figure. During the scuffle for the last toy on the shelve, everyone turns back to look at that spot on the shelf where the last toy was...

 *But it isn't there anymore.*

Turns out someone has run away with it. Either that, or someone has hidden it. Sounds like a familiar scenario?

Today's article explores the usual hiding spots that tricksters "slot" precious toys in the hopes that they can revisit it one day. Agree with the spots?

1. Check under the aisles: More often than not, the toys are under the aisle. That's a good rule of thumb. Why do people instinctively do this? Well, because humans don't check for toys on the floor now do we? Nowadays genuine collectors know that is the best bet to getting their toy if there's none left on the shelf..kudos:) 

2. Hiding them in the "plushies" basket: And why wouldn't they? It makes sense to hide your toys here right? Because no one really cares about plushies, or do they now?;) now they just need to place the valuable action figures there when no one is noticing...hmmm...

3. Hide them in the little toddlers section: Some people introduce psychological aspects into their battle. These areas have a lot of spots to inconspicuously hide your toys away from prying adult eyes. Plus even cunning parents might get their children to guard these areas.

4. Or store them away in the "Barbie" or "little pony" section: For collectors who don't expect a marvel legends action figure to be stashed in the "little girls" section, think again. These areas are prime areas for storing these toys if you find that leaving your toys at the bottom of the toddlers' slide is a dangerous prospect.

One contributor wanting to be known only as edmayne said: "...I came back for the toy which I left behind at the section, to my horror, my kid and a few others were having so much fun that they accidentally trampled on the figure. I had to pay for a broken figure..."

Sylvanian families dollhouses are perfect dioramas for our 6" figures, just saying...

Found this amongst teddy bears:)

5. Hiding them under our noses!: sometimes you don't need to look far. A story by a contributor who works at the toy store mentions that a collector who was "...looking for Kylo Ren found the last black series piece in between the display stash at the checkout counter, hidden amongst the marvel legends boxes!"

A reenactment stated that it was placed in between those other boxes at checkout area!

6. Putting it in the infant care section: This is a great area, as a lot of stroller couples park intermittently across the aisles to block one's path and view of the display racks. One also has to thread lightly to avoid waking up sleeping infants who will in turn be disgruntled parents! Plus, parents in these areas would most probably see a highly valued figure and mistake it for being misplaced...most times. I repeat...MOST. TIMES.

"Action figure, muddafucka, DO YOU SEE IT?" -someone

7. Or simply, just place it behind the counter with a friendly unsuspecting cashier girl: I'm sure we've all been here, while paying for our items at checkout, we see the last piece of the action figure that we want behind the counter of the cashier. Safe and sound, unless anyone wants to play it aggressive, yes?

Look closer

There you go...

I must admit, I always go for the last point option when I decide I don't have enough cash and I have to make a run to the atm machine.

In hindsight

Not everyone doing this is a scalper. Collectors do this when they're so strapped too. This allows them to not pay extravagant prices later on when they don't get them, so it's a real issue that they protect themselves. Everyone deserves their share right? Also, sometimes casual buyers are pressured to get a perfect present for their kids, so don't be too quick to judge when hiding the toys is their go-to option. 

There's no rules to this, but there are unethical ways people could acquire your toys...like stealing from your basket...so becareful!

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